ray ban 2140 - Allis-kun ventured a step closer to the woman

Allis-kun ventured a step closer to the woman, raised his voice asked: "What's your name?" Woman blankly replied: "Aida fairy wood." But the voice at the end off, Aida cents wood suddenly pulled out a pocket knife three inches long, sub-Kun Li seeing I do not know what she wanted, anxiously shouted: "Hey, do you want? Do not move!" a woman doing all look at him, holding a knife in the heart of the plan quickly went on to his stomach. Angel only see a white light flashed in her eyes, yet see how, to see the surge of blood flow from the woman's abdomen out, Yali-kun was too late to stop, he hastened to try to steal wood Aida cents the hands of the knife. Angel saw this scene, the eye on the halo. She has a tendency to faint blood,ray ban 2140, then looked over to her, afraid to look deep. There, Aida cents wood has pain shouting, but his mouth still excitedly exclaimed: "Haha, you caught me not to go, my body is injured, you can not catch!" Yali Aida Xian Kun grabbed the knife in the hands of wood, then Aini to drive over, and the kang old tear sheets a long piece of cloth, wood reined Aida cents wound. In their view, Aida cents wood flow a lot of blood. Because the halo of blood,ray ban glasses online, Angel did not help that busy, then they ashamed, she ran to the door, using a mobile phone dial 120 ambulance. Ten minutes later, an ambulance came ringing hum. Yali-kun and help the bloodied Aida Angel fairy wood carried to the ambulance. To the hospital, Angel went to the emergency room number, Yali-kun to come forward to negotiate with the hospital. Due to blood loss, Aida cents wood fainted. Aida surgeon cleaned the wound after the fairy wood, said dismissively: "plan of her own, right?" Angel surprised, and asked: "how do you know?" The doctor laughed: "She would happen to her suture on the line. This is very few in his heart, knows when to start severity. "Angel surprised, she said:" Do you often encounter this patient? "The doctor casually said:" In recent years, the I treatment of these patients do have some. You see, her belly on the knife vertical cross knife wounds, and has a mesh, and I know that she is drug category. "Yali Kun summarized in the side of the mouth blowing their fingers at the pain, to see Angel asking questions, he arm bumper Angel,ray ban wayfarer large, said: "Ai Ai, do not disgrace the face of good doctors, do not understand this basic knowledge, but also when any anti-narcotics police ah. Besides, what do not understand, ask your brother me! " Force Angel to be sub-Kun dress down a few not angry, she modestly said: "Well well senior, then you tell me what's inside you prefer?" Asian power-kun told her: "pretty easy,ray ban wayfarer folding, drug personnel in order to avoid combat, when the police came for, they are not swallowed scissors, nail clippers, is scratch his scalp with a razor blade, the purpose is to hurt themselves, resulting in forced labor camps to imprison not the State has provided for the physically disabled, not received education through labor. Aida cents wood apparently Oil Stick, so come to the hand. "Angel then understood why. Although Aida cents wood not badly hurt, but also have to give her surgery. Aida, however, not a penny cents wood body. Ya Li Kun and Angel to pocket the money turned out, only to scrape together more than a thousand pieces of medical expenses, doctors agreed to do immediately to Aida cents wood suture surgery. And other wood on the operating table Aida cents, Yali-kun and Angel was spare to wash the bloody dirty hands at the tap. Angel painfully nagging: "Yali-kun,ray ban rb2140 original wayfarer, you believe,ray ban sale, be no good that we two thousand dollars into it. Aida cents jingling sound too poor wooden house, where the money to pay medical expenses?" Ya Kun Li preoccupied Enliaoyisheng. Angel poke at him with his elbow, asked: "Brother, think about it, do not talk to me?" Yali-kun stared Pengdao index finger to clean the front, then clearly there is a scratch above, flesh also turned white with. Angel suddenly realized what she was scared, pale, exclaimed: "Heaven does, your fingers scratched? Is just when it won the knife?" Ya Kun to force recalls: "It's strange Yeah, just how I did not feel it? just feel a little swelling pain. "Angel lucky enough to comfort him:" Perhaps, perhaps before the scratch, you just feel the pain? "Ya Kun Li shook his head in despair, and determined that: "is just cut, it is obvious a new wound." Angel panic, said: "Aida cents wood drugs, then she would not be living with AIDS it?" Yali-kun a pale the. Angel busy over his own mouth said: "Brother, I was wrong, I am wrong! She certainly is not AIDS." Yali Kun pretending to be easy to ask: "I am not so unlucky, right?" Angel suddenly like is like to wake up, grabbed the Yali-kun's clothes,ray bans wayfarers, said: "Go, allow doctors to quickly pumping her a blood test to look epidemic prevention station, just in case." In fact, doctors have to send blood samples of wood Aida cents laboratory, it is their responsibility. Liu played in a phone call to ask what happened Aida cents wood? Yali snappily-kun said: "She die, is a Lao Youzi,ray ban wayfarer rb2140, are doing suture it." Kun Liu Yali team to Angel in the hospital and accompanying Aida cents wood, until her narrative capacity, do criminal summons record.