Sidney Crosby girlfriend vs Ryan Miller girlfriend

After today's hockey game in Vancouver it seems plenty of women want to be Sidney Crosby's girlfriend or even Ryan Miller's girlfriend. Yes the Ryan Miller hockey fans and Sidney Crosby hockey player fans have begun to multiply. Crosby scored the winning goal in sudden death overtime to give Team Canada the gold medal in the USA Canada Olympics 2010 finals. Miller was named MVP of the entire tournament after blocking shot after shot to help Team USA to a series of impressive wins and ultimately the silver medal.Â

Which player would you date if you had the choice? Crosby currently stars for the Pittsburgh Penguins while Ryan Miller is goaltender for the Buffalo Sabres. Crosby's a young phenom at 22 and could become the next great player in NHL history. Ryan Miller is a bit older at 29 and hails from East Lansing, Michigan. However, both players are in the headlines after the exciting conclusion to the 2010 Winter games on Sunday. You've seen them both masked and unmasked on the ice during the games and then today's medal ceremony. Both players are class acts and focused athletes who were great team players giving incredible performances. Ryan Miller's got his own clothing store called "The Refinery" in Michigan, and also started up a charitable foundation for cancer patients with his father. Crosby has been nicknamed "The Next One", similar to Wayne Gretzky who was "The Great One". He currently is tied for the NHL points lead and 3rd in goals scored on the season. So many female fans might be looking to win the Sidney Crosby sweepstakes romantically.

In 2007 Crosby gave an interview in which he denied having a girlfriend, saying it was hard to meet women. That's a bit baffling to hear from a high-payed athlete, but nonetheless Crosby gave the following as what he looks for in a female companion:

"Wright: "When you're ready to look for a girlfriend, what are you going to look for?"

Crosby: "Probably somebody who's pretty independent. I mean, with the hockey schedule, you need somebody who's going to have to deal with what I deal with when I'm out in public and stuff like that. Pretty patient person."

Wright: "Lots of people were interested in you or had a daughter they wanted you to meet. Do you get a lot of people wanting to fix you up?"

Crosby: "Yeah, that happens a lot. And you know, there's not too many ways you can take it. You don't want to say yes to everybody, but it really depends on the situation. I'm not too big on the blind dates or anything like that, but you never know."

See full Crosby interview by Michelle Wright here at

There's no current news or evidence that a Sidney Crosby girlfriend exists, or but there is this online image which shows a Ryan Miller girlfriend. Still, plenty of female fans swoon over these multi-million dollar pro hockey stars, and dreams of dating a famous sports figure unfolded after their recent Olympics success. Who knows, as a female fan you just might get lucky and meet a friend of a friend of a friend, and eventually get introduced to Sidney Crosby or Ryan Miller!

Of course if you are Sidney Crosby's girlfriend or Ryan Miller's girlfriend, feel free to leave a comment anonymously.

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