Big Texas Containers Offers Foremost Safe Rooms to Protect the American Family in the Event of Danger, Crime, or Foreign Attack

American citizens are constantly dealing with the risk of an attack. With political unrest and threats from foreign nations like Syria, North Korea and Iran, hard-working citizens never know what may come. Not only is there a threat from abroad but because of the troublesome fiscal environment and the nature of the U.S. government constantly at risk of shutdown, people are rightfully thinking about the measures they can take to protect themselves and their family. Since there is never any warning to an attack or home invasion, it is vital to be prepared. In recent years, there has been a demand for safe rooms and shelters that provide utmost protection.

There are approximately 3.5 million burglaries every single year. 70% of these burglaries occur in residential properties and most happen between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. If these numbers were not astounding enough, only 12% of burglars are ever caught. In these unsettling times, there is also the risk of biological warfare. Big Texas Containers is the Texas born business that offers a wide variety of shelters and safe rooms at an extremely competitive price point. With locations all over the state of Texas including: Tyler, Dallas, Houston, and Austin; the team also ships nationwide. Big Texas Containers values the need for security and protection during these disconcerting times. Going above and beyond for their customer, they work to make any individual and family feel secure.

Each shelter from Big Texas Containers is made from 7 gauge hardened steel and can be lined with bullet-resistant armor and come equipped with a vault-style door for maximum protection. Safe rooms can be customized to suit an individual’s specific needs. Bullet resistant panels can be installed to the interior, which have been tested to withstand multiple hits by a .30 caliber high powered assault rifle. Individuals can also receive a quote on an entirely bullet proof safe room. Professional installation is available for all safe rooms, although many can be easily assembled at home. Safe rooms can be built to be 4ft., 6ft., or 8ft. wide and any length in 2ft. increments. Big Texas Containers also offers 90 day to 42 month financing options to ensure that any individual and family can afford a safe room shelter. When not in use, these safe room shelters can also be the perfect space to store precious heirlooms and gun collections.

In these precarious times, there is never any warning when a mass threat will occur. It is very important to be prepared and start thinking about options that can protect an individual and their family. The capable team of qualified individuals at Big Texas Containers truly care about each person’s safety and providing protection so every family can feel absolutely secure.

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