Matchmaking returns to the fore

Matchmaking services are rebounding. These introduction services -- concentrated on finding you a catch, catching you a find-- are in the midst of a boom. TV broadcasts are filled with such reality matchmaker fare as Married at First Sight, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and The Millionaire Matchmaker. And the businesses that deal in such intros, particularly matchmakers, find themselves riding a wave of development.

The $2.2 billion introduction services market is anticipated to top $2.5 billion by next year, according to estimations by Florida marketing research and consulting company Marketdata.

While dating websites account for a lot of that -- roughly $1.4 billion-- dating coaches and matchmakers are gradually rising in the last few years, based on Marketdata statistics -- from $248 million in 2007 to $307 million in 2012, the last year that statistics are obtainable. (Not everybody is enjoying the success wave, as such sections of the matchmaking market as phone chat line businesses and personal ads are watching their earnings fall).

A couple of introduction services have launched in the Rochester region this year. Dr. Jessica Germano-Fokin, who founded Discover Your Match LLC in March, states she has been associated with matchmaking ever since secondary school.

Additionally a therapist and partner at Rochester's North Coast Counseling and with another practice, Sexual Health Discoveries, Germano-Fokin said she works regularly with individuals having a hard time in relationships. The courting service concept, she said, is like nipping that in the bud.

They sign up with established matchmaker services as Irondequoit's Artemis Platinum Club, which promotes itself as focusing "upscale, well groomed, informed and single people," and California-based It's Just Lunch, that has associated internet sites for numerous states, the UK, Singapore and Australia. In New York alone, it has matchmaking sites for Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and a handful of other metropolitan areas. Furthermore the Vida Consultancy, which offers exclusive matchmaking globally.

Matchmaking has started to attract the business attention behemoths in the introduction services industry. Web dating juggernaut revealed in May a company collaboration with Three Day Rule, a Los Angeles-based matchmaking and online dating firm, which will let deliver matchmaking solutions.

Although online dating has broadened the courting segment, it appears as though matchmaking will be expanding the market in the future.