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The guided bus tour was very interesting. We got to see some details of the city, The reputable Technopolis, the fun places and the Nallikari beach (okay, a straightforward beach!). The guide gave almost everyone a "tar residue" sugary snacks (extraordinarily preferred in Finland). I met a few cool people provide a choice. One calls herself Mommy and the other calls himself Daddy. they seem very familiar, Like I heard their comments before.

You could drive a whole new Porsche 911, But a Singer is awesome. starting with a vintage 911 from the air cooled era, the singer crew assembles a customized, Super fast machine that appears like it was built in a NASA laboratory. Unlike newest factory 911s, Which are specifically for stability and predictable handling, vocalist has the raw, Thrilling feel that made Porsche famous a while ago.

I a reformed adrenaline junky so I intentionally collected a lot of terrifying moments. That second when gravity took over and I was helpless to stop it had the most psychological impact on me for whatever reason. It was only one or two weeks earlier that a fellow I just met had his head smashed on a road nearby when his horse threw him, and wasn so lucky.

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