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I personally think that if you teach children in their youth about the kinds of values that you get to instill in them, some may have a few wild days, But once and for all, They is likely to follow your values. I grew up not drinking, And not really even having the desire to do so. My rebellion came minimal later than most, As I was in my late 20 to early 30 when I took up having a drink or two once or twice a year.

you so right. Many area are overlooked and grow up thinking something is wrong with them. Many wonder why they cannot fit in with other young girls at tea parties and such. Shadow Fall's single player campaign ends with a post credits epilogue that is completely out of sorts with all of those other game. While Kellan's story is entirely a shooting, the third mission shifts into more to a first person stealth game, corresponding to Thief or Dishonored. It's a jarring transition that would not work very well, becasue it is insanely hard to sneak around in this game,

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