Protecting Your Garden from Pest Birds

Bird droppings cause unsightly stains on fencing, gazebos, patio structures and awnings.

Pigeons are prime offenders, leaving messy and unattractive droppings and other waste materials. Great blue heron can eat valuable fish in your pond. Woodpeckers can destroy wood roofing shingles and turn attractive siding into "Swiss cheese." Starlings and blackbirds can eat those fruits and vegetables you nurtured all year and are so proud of.

Canada geese will chew up grass and deposit nearly a pound a day (per goose) of droppings.
What to do? Many homeowners, frustrated and angry over pest birds, may be tempted to resort to lethal bird control measures. Poisons (avicides) are not a good idea, since they can be ingested by pets and pose additional hazards to adults and children. These are also tightly controlled by the government and many species of birds are protected, so their use is extremely restricted.

Firearms, even BB guns are also not a good idea, since they pose noise and harm to neighbors, pets and property. Trapping birds is one option, but this method won't stop birds from invading your garden. If your garden is attractive for roosting and nesting, they'll just keep on coming.
Whereupon trapping birds will become your life's work.
Some proven Bird Control Measures To prepare your garden for the annual onslaught of pest birds, you'll need to make your garden as unappealing and intimidating to pest birds as possible. Lucky for you, some people have dedicated their lives to doing just that. They've created some very effective and humane bird control solutions.

Bird Spiders If pigeons, crows, gulls, cormorants or raptors dump on your patio covers, awnings, or BBQ, Bird Spiders will discourage them from landing. The spider's spindly arms wave menacingly in the breeze to make even the most daring bird feel unwelcome. Bird spiders come in several arm lengths to cover a wide range of areas.
And they're portable, so you can move them around to the most troublesome pest bird areas.
Bird Slopes If you're tired of "brooming" bird nests out of the eaves or ledges of you property, Bird Slopes will save you a lot of work. The slippery, angled panels fit easily into these niches and when birds try to land or get a solid footing, they slip and slide right off.

After several tries, birds give up and leave. The panels are easy to install on almost any surface and will discourage a wide range of pest birds. Look for bird slopes made of U.V.-protected PVC--they're sun and weather resistant. Some manufacturers even offer these panels in different colors--stone and grey--to match your home's exterior d