Which is Better Heat Transfer Or Custom Printed T Shirts?

This has always been a highly debated topic. There are pluses and minuses for each method.

We'll begin with the difference between the two.
A Heat Transfer is produced on a special transfer paper that releases the ink off the paper and onto the shirt when direct heat is applied to it. Custom Printed T Shirts are produced using stencils which are made from photo emulsion and exposed with a UV light source.

Heat Transfers are made in several different ways. The most popular is the use of an inkjet printer. Inkjet transfers are great for single shirts if you just want to make something fun to wear a few times. They do not have longevity. You can purchase professional heat transfers.
These are also made with a special release paper but the ink that is used for these is the same ink that is used in the traditional screen print method. They are also printed very similar as custom t-shirts. The biggest plus for heat transfers is that if you're selling shirts at an event then you can make one shirt at a time.

If you buy a bulk of custom printed t-shirts and you don't sell all of them you'll be stuck with shirts that you can't sell, especially if they have a date on them. If they don't have a date then you can use them at a similar event the next go around.
A huge advantage of Custom Printed T shirts is that they can be ordered in small or large quantities. If you're only doing 24 shirts with two colors on them, there is no reason to make transfers. There are a couple extra steps that a printer has to take in order to make transfers.

Most printers are not setup to produce them because of the extra steps that it takes. You're paying for setup charges with both methods and most all printers will not just print a few transfers. Custom Printed shirts can be produced much faster because the image is directly printed onto your garment, eliminated the extra steps necessary to produce Heat Transfers.
If you have a one time event there would be no reason to have an over load of transfers made. You can order the exact number of shirts that you need. I would say the biggest plus for custom printed t shirts is that someone else is doing the work. Your only expense will be in the shirts.

You don't have to purchase special equipment to apply a transfer.
There really isn't an answer to rather Heat Transfer T shirts or Printed T shirts are better. I hope that you have an understanding of the difference between the two. You should now be able to choose which method best suites your needs.

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