Presidents Council

The Presidents Council comprises all currently active presidents in good standing at local AIGA chapters. The Presidents Council connects the work of local chapters with national communities, councils, and task forces, as well as the AIGA Board and its Staff. The Presidents Council is led by a Chair and an Incoming Chair who serve staggering two-year terms. The Incoming Chair becomes the Chair after their first year of service. The Chair also sits as a voting member of the AIGA Board.

Sherra Bell

Presidents Council Chair

Sherra Bell

Jen Ford

Incoming Presidents Council Chair

Jen Ford

Council Chair Responsibilities

When engaging with chapter presidents, the Presidents Council Chair and Incoming Chair:

  • Utilize their prior experience as a chapter president to advise current representatives on best practices in non-profit governance and strategic vision.
  • Nurture cross-chapter and cross-regional connections among presidents.
  • Gather chapter president perspectives and feedback to share with the AIGA Board and staff.
  • Facilitate chapter development through remote check-ins and national training events.
  • Set the agenda for monthly chapter leader calls with the national staff and the CAC Chair.

When engaging with the AIGA Board and national staff, the Presidents Council Chair and Incoming Chair:

  • Advocate for the local chapter perspective during AIGA Board Community Committee meetings.
  • Amplify and recognize outstanding offerings and results from chapters and their leaders.
  • Prioritizes AIGA Board and staff responses to chapter operations crises and violations of the AIGA Code of Conduct.
  • Gathers national perspectives and feedback to share with chapter leaders in their respective region.
  • The PCC attends all AIGA Board meetings and votes on all matters pertaining to the AIGA Board.

The Presidents Council Chair and Incoming Chair have the following qualifications:

  • Successful completion of one full term as President of a local AIGA chapter, minimum 2 years of service.
  • Additionally, the Incoming Chair must successfully complete their one-year term before becoming the Council Chair the following year.

Past Council Chairs

Victor Davila

AIGA Orlando

Frances Yllana

AIGA Dallas Fort Worth

Andy Rich

AIGA Houston

Gage Mitchell

AIGA Seattle

Jenny Price

AIGA Minnesota

Gwen O'Brien

AIGA West Michigan

Elysia Syriac

AIGA Colorado

Andrew Twigg

AIGA Pittsburgh

Dawn Zidonis


Kevin Perry

AIGA Salt Lake City

Carolyn Colonna

AIGA Charlotte

Mira Azarm


Mike Joosse

AIGA Raleigh

Emily Carr


Mick Hodgeson


Kathy Fredrickson

AIGA Chicago

David Burney

AIGA Raleigh

Ria Sharon

AIGA St. Louis

Noreen Morioka


Amy Strauch

AIGA Boston

Doug Powell

AIGA Minnesota

Mark Oldach

AIGA Chicago

Sam Shelton


Paul Montie

AIGA Boston

Bennett Peji

AIGA San Diego

Nancy Denny Essex

AIGA Chicago

John DuFresne

AIGA Minnesota

Marc English

AIGA Texas

Nominations Cycle

Nominations open
March 30, 2022

Nominations close
May 6, 2022

Self-Nominate Today

Term for the newly elected Incoming Presidents Council Chair will begin July 1, 2022.

Self-nominations for 2023–2024 will open in the spring of 2023. Please check back for more information.