Student Groups

Students represent the next generation of design leaders and the future of AIGA. Student groups are a microcosm of AIGA, complete with their own board, programming and needs for community, inspiration, and organization.


Student Group Benefits

Forming an AIGA student group provides students with an essential link between student life and professional practice. Guided by faculty advisers, AIGA student members are part of a community of on-campus leaders that drive programming and events. 

Student group members have access to leadership training and skills through their local chapter boards, connect directly with professional designers—both locally and nationally—and gain firsthand experience and exposure by volunteering at the annual AIGA Design Conference (when held in-person). 


    • Each student group must have one faculty adviser.

    • The group must have at least 10 students with active AIGA memberships at all times.

    • The faculty adviser must submit the agreement form to start or continue a group. Agreements are due once a year to renew. See below for the agreement link.

    • The faculty adviser is required to maintain a current roster of who is in the group. Any changes should be updated on the user dashboard.

    • The faculty adviser must encourage students to keep their contact information updated (e.g., email, change of address, graduation date, major) by logging in to their own profiles at

    • The faculty adviser is responsible for communicating with both AIGA national and their local chapter in regards to organizing programming and funding.

      Faculty advisers are required to submit this agreement each year to renew their complimentary membership and the group. 

        The Student Group Toolkit provides faculty advisers and students with helpful resources for running their student group.

        Student Resources

        Check out free student resources, events, and design practice areas.